The webcam doesn't appear to be working. What do I do?

These cams aren't perfect so take a few minutes and try these steps first before contacting us to see if you can resolve the problem on your own.

First let's start with your browser. What browser are you using? We have noticed issues in Internet Explorer and Firefox with updates. So first things first, check to see if you have the latest version of the browser updates and if there are any flashplayer updates that you might need to install.

Alright - next up let's start make sure your browser is cleared. Often times we make changes and updates and your browser will hold on to the old version. Its best to clear your history before writing to us for help.

  1. Go to "Settings" and choose to clear your history.
  2. Next, check to make sure you have the most updated version of your browser.
  3. Now try to reload the cam again.
Next let's try a speed test. Sometimes your bandwidth can become overwhelmed or you have too many applications running at once to have a strong connection.
  1. Your internet service provider should have a speed test specific url. Do a search for your service provider speed test.
  2. Check how many devices you have connected at once. You may need a stronger connection for some of the HD stream live feed cams.
Finally, change the settings on the video itself. If you are having problems with the live video cams, our next suggestion to change the speed settings on your viewer.
  1. Click on the "settings" gear icon in the lower right hand corner of the image.
  2. Lower the speed and quality based on what your bandwidth connection can handle. 
  3. Refresh your browser to see if that helps.

If the steps above do not solve the problem, please let us know by emailing us at  [email protected] or you can also leave a comment below the cam image in the comment box. It helps us to know what browser you are using, what problems you are experiencing, and what steps you taken already to try and resolve the issue.

The LiveCams keep flashing or won't load.

There are some issues that only happen in certain browsers. We have noticed there is a flashplayer issue with LiveCams in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
To resolve this, make sure to have the latest version of your flashplayer on your browser.

How do I see the LiveCams in full screen mode?

To take advantage of viewing a Live Cam in the full screen mode hover your mouse over the bottom of the image. You will see two arrows for the larger view. Click on those and you should be all set. Press Esc to exit.

Cam Adjustments

We are really happy you enjoy the view! We know some of you want to see more sky than ground, more trees than buildings. While we try our hardest to get the best possible view, we simply can't please everyone. We welcome suggestions any time but may not be able to get to it now or at all. We hope you understand why.

How do I report a cam error?

Some of the cams we link back to are updated and we aren't alerted of the change right away. You can let us know if a cam isn't working by emailing us at [email protected].
If it is a cam we do not own, often times the owner is having technical issues and we don't have any control over that. We will try our best to be in touch with the owner to find out when they will have it back up and running again and let you know.